Yachts & Shots
Innovative Coconut Water Base

Yachts & Shots

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Sun, money, turquoise waters, and irresistible tans- that’s all we need. Join the ranks of the beautiful people, with the glow of a sun-kissed goddess. This opulence knows no boundaries, as the ocean’s best kept tanning secrets reveal themselves in a magnificently-dark cocktail made on top of a coconut water base. When your tan is this dark, it’s all high tides and good vibes.

  • 400X Double Shot bronzers elevate your tan to elite levels
  • Ocean minerals + Sea Salt cocktail with a shot of bronzing rum provides intoxicatingly beautiful skin
  • Innovative Coconut Water Base adds extra nutrients for superb tone & radiance

Fragrance: Blueberry Gardenia
Product Action: 400X Double Shot Bronzer

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