DHA Bronzer


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Color Correcting & Anti-Orange Blue Hued Bronzing Blend With Collagen Stimulators & Antioxidant Rich Smoothie Complex

The color you crave is no longer an illusion! Devoted Creations™ revolutionary new formula will bathe the skin in picture perfect DHA bronzers while the blue tansy extracts will help to counteract any orange tones in the skin so you develop flawless, natural, just from the beach color. Cutting edge collagen stimulators, anti-aging and firming ingredients, blended with our new superfood smoothie complex helps to tighten, tone, hydrate and replenish for not only unmatched tanning results- but a refined and improved overall complexion. It’s not an Illusion… If you want a stunning glow, choose Indigo!

  • Anti-Orange Bronzing Blend.
  • Color Correcting Formula.
  • Provides Cutting Edge Anti-Aging Benefits.
  • Wrinkle Fighting Bakuchiol.
  • Superfood Smoothie Blend.

Fragrance: Fresh Nectar

Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Bronzer


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