Transfer Resistant Bronzer


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Transfer Resistant Advanced Formula Dark Bronzer Specifically designed to deliver DARK Amazingly Fast Results

If your colour isn’t cutting it…It’s time to get Dark AF™! This Advanced Formula utilizes high amounts of bronzers to deliver daringly dark colour! This white lotion will ensure transfer resistant results, so the only place that will be getting Dark AF™, is your skin and not your clothes! Loaded with powerful electrolytes, tattoo and colour fade protectors as well as skin tightening and toning benefits your skin is sure to be left smooth, soft and supple. Added plateau breakers and antiorange technology will ensure super quick colour coupled with lust worthy long lasting results! What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you get Dark AF™?

  • Transfer Resistant DHA Bronzer
  • Body Balancing BB Cr me Formula
  • Energizing Electrolyte Cocktail
  • Cellulite Fighters
  • Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming
  • Anti-Orange Technology
  • Tattoo & Colour Fade Protecting
  • After Tan Odour Eliminators

Fragrance: Passionfruit Punch

Product Actions: Transfer Resistant DHA Bronzer


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